Sunday, October 23, 2011


Do you have  a similar roommate story? Is the sexual tension so thick between you, you can cut it and so funky you get a whiff of it every time you pass each other in the hall? Well even if you don't have such a roommate, enjoy these two.
An Excerpt from Roommates

I am a Christian and proper young man.
When you take your clothes off  to clean my room and lay on my bed right in the middle of my funk--is that proper?
I do no such thing.
Ok, you caught me naked cleaning the house once because I thought you were gone whoring for the day over on Auburn Avenue.
I told you I was coming back in fifteen minutes. You get naked and put on perfume every time you clean the house, nigga?
I was trying to hide the funk in this house.
And I smell that shit you like to wear all mixed up in my bed covers.
That’s a lie. It’s the scent of one of your weak tramps you smell. I’m not the only man who wears Calvin Klein.

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