Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Did The Doo Rag

Short sweet and funny. Don't let the Doo Rag do you.

An Excerpt:

“Why don’t you take off your doo rag? I want the full effect of you. As it stands now, you are all scarf, and dark eyes. Where is your neck?”
“Crabs don’t have necks.”
“But still, baby, I want to caress your hair.”
“My sea anemones have not been combed. Besides, I love my doo rag. It gives me character. Now can we just get down to business? I don’t have all day. Good toilet water,” he said munching on the turd.
“Ok, Character, spread your legs. I don’t want to get pinched.”
Three thrusts of my throat and the doo rag shuddered, sighed and began reaching for his drawers.
“Is that it?” I asked.
“I got mine. You should have jacked faster if you wanted to come at the same time with me.”

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