Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Road to Astroworld an Excerpt


Last night I dreamed a dream a dream of
me and Jonathan. We floated in the clouds
riding in a shiny Ferris wheel. The sun was
the color of a curled up yellow cat. The
sky was hot and warm dusty air blew in
our faces and stinged our eyes. I reached
for my brother’s hand, the one that
wasn’t holding them flowers. The  
flowers was white and their petals flew all
over the Ferris wheel like lightening bugs.
Jonathan whispered in my ear that Big
Mama was going to hell and then he
disappeared behind a cloud shaped like a
lucky clover. The Ferris wheel rolled on
and stopped next to an opened up
window. A clown stared at us through big
half dollar eyes. Patchy puffs of purple hair
dotted his head and face. He shook his
head at me like I had done something bad.
I stuck my tongue out at him. The wind
blew the curtains around and then he was
standing in front of a big silver table. The
table was full of bowls. He scooped out
large lumps of dough and smacked them
together like me and LaKeisha Ann be
doing when we playing patty cake. Clouds
of brown dust that smelled like cinnamon
floated around him. A rope that looked
like a bloody snake also laid on the table. I
was scared of the rope and started to run. 



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