Saturday, May 31, 2014

Keith Jarrett - "A Gay Poem"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saying Thanks to Fans

It's been a labor of love for the thirty plus years of writing or what I like to call "wordsmithing." Poetry and Fiction have been the focus, but we've also delved into the dramatic works as well. Please enjoy these free works, that we've affectionately covered with the image of the dog barking at a pair of lips. It's my philosophy that writing is about barking out of the box. So click on your favorite Bookstore link and enjoy.

When Dogs Bark (Fiction) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

How I Got Over (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

No Satisfaction (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords 

We are Here (Poetry) @ Nook, iTunes, and Smashwords

Enjoy all of the works published by Wes Writers and Publishers at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, and Smashwords. Diversity rules. You'll find a genre perfect for your reading pleasure.