Friday, June 21, 2013

Free Stories and Books Weekend on Amazon

Hello all Fans and new readers. This weekend is the weekend for FREEBIES! The offers end Sunday night at midnight. Check Them Out. Stories and poetry with an edge.

Please go to my Amazon Author's Page and look for items that have the price set at $0.00. Pick and choose. Thanks!

 Short Story Version

New! The journey begins with The Road to Astroworld. Exclusively at Amazon.

The Road to Astroworld is a treacherous one for Promise Goodday. She was tired of going to funerals. She wants to run away and join her class on a Saturday field trip to the Astroworld amusement park. However it’s the day of her brother’s funeral. Pete Chesterfield the bus driver and a serial rapist has something else on his mind this morning.
Years later while in a mental institution for murdering her child, Promise recounts that meeting in a series of sometimes blistering, funny and poignant letters to her friend LaKeisha Ann. Will she ever escape the horrors of the hospital and find her way to Astroworld?

The Four Freebies
In Cheeseburger, Della wishes for the love of a gang member who lurks outside her mama’s fence writing gang symbols. Her love is so blind, she takes it as a rejection when the boy is accused of sexually assaulting and murdering her best friend.

Jethro confronts who he is when he meets a transvestite while on a trip to New York City with his wife. When Dogs Bark takes him on a romp through the city and his heart.

In The Last Supper, the title leads one to believe they are going to have a lift to salvation. However these poems are raw and bruising in their language and in their truth.

In The Road to Astroworld-A Short Story, Promise is trying to figure out how she will go to the Astroworld amusement park. Her uncles shuck and jive on the porch as they talk about everything from politics to the Serial rapist/killer known as Leaky Eye. Promise sees the bus that will take her on her journey. The story serves as an introduction to the longer novel of the same name--The Road to Astroworld.
The Road to Astroworld Short Story