Saturday, August 29, 2015

Me, Sisyphus, and Editing

Editing! Argghh. Just when I think I'm done, I look over the work and realize I started my previous edits while I was legally blind. (I'm not) But that's what it feels like to encounter so many mistakes and start all over. Page sixty seems to be my crest of the hill of one hundred and ninety-three pages. If I could just get past that point. 
My problem is I'll read a really good book, and think my own weak prose sounds nothing in comparison. Or I'll pick up a book on writing, and realize my scenes aren't doing anything to advance the novel. They were just visions I loved. I have to beat them in shape or let them go. So A change begets a change that begets a change that begets a fresh new batch of mistakes that begets more editing. All that rock pushing. 
But I see the solution. Stop reading good books and books about writing. Well I think that's the answer. What do you say Sisyphus?

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