Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Road to Astroworld - A Novel

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The sinner’s chair, it ain’t no laughing matter. I was reading in the paper one day that Texas was getting rid of their newest electric chair. Actually they had stopped using both of them a long time ago when they started giving folks the needle. But they kept the old one “Old Sparky” to go into the prison museum. It had executed the most men. They didn’t want the newer one. The governor at that time wanted to sell a bunch of stuff to help the state budget. That chair was thrown in the mix along with five hundred thousand jars of government peanut butter and a truckload of canned peaches. I had closed the paper up after reading about that electric chair and went to sleep. But the lord woke me up a few minutes later and told me to buy that chair. I said, “What Lord? Buy the electric chair?” He said yes for me to buy it and put it in the center of my church. Well the next day, I borrowed my husband’s truck while he was sleep and drove over to Huntsville Texas where they was selling the chair. It was sitting in a warehouse surrounded by cases labeled Peaches and stacks of peanut butter. Plus there was a lot of odds and ends which only a man might know the meaning of. Folks looked at me strange when I said I wanted to buy the electric chair instead of some peaches. I guess they had assumed I was in the pie business. But I told them I was in the preaching business and the Lord told me to buy that chair. Well they loaded it up in the back of my truck, hogtied it real good, and I paid them one-hundred nineteen dollars and forty-seven cents in cash. They threw in two cases of peaches anyway.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Odd Voices in Love

An Excerpt from the Collection of stories, Odd Voices...in Love
When I stepped back into the bedroom, Barbara was lying across the bed.  She had stopped sobbing.  She looked at me with curious kitten eyes.  I turned the radio off, got down on the floor, and did a few pushups.  I grunted loud and made sex motions as I raised my body off the floor.  I stood in the mirror and flexed my muscles.  My chest glistened with Brut and sweat.  The towel dropped around my ankles.
“Axel, I love you,” Barbara said as she raised herself off the bed.
“Shut up!” I snapped.
“Axel, please.”  Barbara came toward me.
I picked up the phone and dialed.
“Thelma baby, what’s shaking?  Yeah it’s your ‘Axe’ talking to you.  You a

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