Friday, February 11, 2011

Funky Poem

Uncle Funky got a funny funky walk
Uncle funky got a
Funky Hearse
Funny funky walk
One foot look like it
Gonna trip the other
Throw him into confusion
Uncle funky told me
A woman driving a pontiac
Ran into his back
Eyes so full of tears and rage
Face looked like a block of salt
Glad that Pontiac ran outta gas
Before it got to
The rest of his ass
Uncle funky 
Got a funny funky walk
Cat scratched on his bad leg
Said to the pussy
Come on do your thang
Uncle funky ain't feeling no pain
Uncle funky
Got a funny funky walk
Dog pissed his good leg
Uncle funky laid down
Opened his mouth wide as a trap
Come on bitch turn on your tap
Funky here is ready to drown
Uncle funky funky
Had a funny funky walk
Slept all day 
Tomcatted at night
Didn't give a damn
If the lord didn't see him right
Said I'm funky funky
Gonna funk and funk 
Til day is night 
Then all night
Til the devil say
Get the hell outta my sight
Uncle funky funky

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