Thursday, April 3, 2014


Oh wait. Not so soon. The question came up in an Amazon Forum recently. It is the dream of many writers to make a living doing what we love. And let's face it, today's writer has a dung load of responsibilities.

I may make this leap myself. If I stay out of casinos and pay off more bills, I can do this for a year. In the old days when we just wrote and sent off books, or perhaps went to writing conferences, it was much easier to be a writer in my opinion. We wrote and then checked the mailbox three weeks later or stood by the phone waiting for that Editor's call. Now we must be business people. I think I could do more with more time. But then again...My book sales sure aren't saying, "Yes, do this." But I do have a lot more books in me. I would to use my 50's energy to write and do all of the "business" stuff. I work 13 hour night shifts sometimes 4 or five nights a week. Anyone who has ever worked nights can testify how energy draining that is. and most of the time, I don't work alone, so I'm always distracted. My condo is paid off, although I do have to pay a ridiculously high Maintenance fee--in my opinion, but it's still cheaper than rent. That's the practical stuff to consider.

But in making a decision like this, the first person to have a good long talk to is yourself. Am I really disciplined and dedicated? Am I going to fritter away my time playing games on the computer? Can I carve out my day and stick to my schedule of writing, editing, and promoting? Will I do more on Goodreads? Will I read more like I swear I will? How will I react while I'm just making pennies? Do I have a game plan for medical emergencies and car breakdowns. As they say "All going out and nothing coming in will break the Bank of England." Can I stick to my allotted budget? Can I stay away from shopping? 

So it's more than a dream. Know yourself first--the real you, not the you that you dream you think you are.  Think about it.

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