Friday, April 4, 2014

April is Pottery Month!

Well umm, not quite.  The fingers doth slip these days. But April is Poetry Month.  Pen a verse or read a verse just be verseable. Okay you're tired of my language and typing flubs. So Enjoy some poetry on me.  
Americana is always free at Smashwords,  iTunes, and Nook. Sorry Kindle owners you will have to pay.

Bark Too is free with a coupon code only at Smashwords. Use code CJ96S at checkout. We might extend it beyond this month. Who knows, quoth the raven.

The Last Supper is available at Smashwords, iTunes, Kindle, and Nook for the low price of $.99 Well you can pay more as much as a million dollars. I'll give you a paypal link if you wish to do so. So...
Don't be cheap
Take a peep
at verse and rhyme
Cheaper than
the cost of a lime.

Um the poems in the book are better.

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