Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming Home Tomorrow....an Excerpt

Evans glanced at the small red sign on the thick steel door it read: DEPT. OF PATHOLOGY AND MORTALITY.
“Where are we going?”
“This is the morgue.”
“The morgue?”
“Yes the morgue.  You don’t expect us to make out in the Baby Nursery with its large picture window do you?”
The arousal that was slumbering in Evans’s sub-conscious came into full bloom.  He looked into Isaac’s eyes.  His sex became rigid.
“What if someone sees us,” Evans asked between kisses.
“Silly, who in here will see us?”
Evans glanced at the lumps of humans reposing on gurneys under stark white sheets.  “A staff  member might come in.”
“That young buck attendant is upstairs trying to talk some Nurse out of her panties.  He won’t return until close to eleven o’clock shift change.”

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