Sunday, January 27, 2013

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The woman had come up to his car and leaned in the window. It was still daylight but the sky was going from light blue to cerulean. Her breath smelled of peppermints and shit. Pete had had to pull his face away from hers. In the distance, cars scurried along the freeway like mice. But in the “Bottoms” winding through the narrow streets below the freeway, men crept in circles in their cars, eyeing the girls who strolled and mingled next to the ruins of abandoned shacks near the projects. Pete had made several circles looking. His eyes were silvery and catlike. A misty rain covered his windshield and his eyes started to burn. He stopped his car and dug into the glove compartment for his pills and the drops. He found the drops but not the pills. The drops would calm his eyes, but he needed the pills to calm the whining in his head. He squirted the drops in his eyes and sat trying to blink away the haze that was blotting out the sky. Then she was there, all teeth, shining through the haze looking at him. Sometimes it was eyes, teeth or a thin chain around a feminine neck that caught his attention.
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Warning: Graphic Language

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